Concussion Care



What should I expect from my first Concussion PT visit?


Answers! What is wrong with me, why I am not getting better, what can I do about it.

What is Concussion Physical Therapy?


Following the latest research guidelines our highly trained Physical Therapist will provide you with a personalized quality care with comprehensive evaluation and treatment in areas of  vestibular, ocular, cervical, post-traumatic migraine. 


When should I come to see a PT after a concussion?


After 48 h if symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, vision issues are present.

After 2 weeks if symptoms are not resolved. 

Any time after that if recovery is slowing down, or return to sport/work is challenging.


Do I need to see a doctor before coming to PT for concussion?


It is recommended to see your Primary Care Physician after a concussion, especially if you need to be clear to return to sport. 

However depending on your insurance, you can come directly to a PT to get evaluated and we will closely work together with your Physician.

Action Reaction Physical Therapy

A physical therapy owned clinic located in the Lake City neighborhood in Seattle. All appointments are scheduled with a physical therapist for an one hour 1-on-1 session

Phone: (206)523-6826

Fax: (206)523-6831

Located inside Lake City Professional Center

2611 NE 125th St, Suite 90

Seattle, WA 98125

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