Frequently asked questions

What Is Pelvic Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy specialty that focuses on functional problems of the pelvis is called pelvic rehabilitation or Pelvic floor PT. Some of the common diagnoses that are under this category are urine leakage, constipation, painful sex , postpartum recovery and hip/pelvis/back pain. Pelvic floor rehabilitation is helpful for anyone having pelvic dysfunction men, women and children alike.

What Should I expect in my first visit?

Your initial evaluation is an opportunity for your therapist to understand your problem, review your current and past medical history and perform a preliminary assessment of your movements. We will discuss your concerns at length and review your medical / surgical history to understand your symptomatic journey. Your physical exam may involve postural assessment, general movement testing of your joints, muscle flexibility, strength and movement patterns. Pelvic muscle assessment often requires an internal ( vaginal /rectal ) examination . While vaginal exams provide more accurate tissue assessment there is plenty of orthopedic and neuromuscular techniques that can be paired with external evaluation tools if you wish to opt out of internal exam.

Do you treat men or young kids with pelvic problems?

Our practice specializes in Women’s health Physical Therapy. If you are looking for a clinician treating men or children please use this directory

Do you offer virtual consultations?

Yes. If you are physically located in the state of Washington.

How soon can I come for PT after having a baby?

As early as you are ready even a few days after your delivery! Research supports early intervention for postpartum recovery . Generally speaking 3-6 weeks postpartum is a good time to get a Physical therapy assessment.If you had any issues during your pregnancy you are more likely to need Physical therapy post delivery. We typically recommend scheduling a PT consultation 4 weeks after your estimated due date as our schedules book in advance and we do not want you to miss that optimal time window post birth.

Do I need Physical therapy after having a baby?

Pregnancy can be very challenging for the body and particularly the pelvic floor muscles and your core. These muscles need help to ensure proper healing and restoration. Every person after birth will benefit from getting a professional assessment of their abdominal and pelvic muscle function.It the norm in some parts of the world!

Can I bring my baby with me?

Of course! Babies are always welcome in our sessions. We take pride in creating a supportive environment for families of all walks of life. Allowing new parents to bring the baby along eases up their stress of finding childcare and lets them focus on self care.