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If you are new to Pelvic Physical Therapy here are some helpful tips to make you feel oriented!!

  • It is a specialty niche of Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy.

  • It is a bit more intimate than any other Doctor's appointment as we will be talking about bladder, bowel, and sexual health so we can help you reach your pelvic health goals.

  • A comprehensive evaluation typically entails History taking about your current and past medical/ surgical history, orthopedic screening of your movements and may involve vaginal exam for pelvic muscle assessment ( only if you consent ) 

Kindly provide me the following details compiled in ONE email ideally before your first appointment to get the most out of your appointment. Ideally, collect the data over 2-3 days.

  1. Bladder log - measure fluid intake in Oz , number of bathroom trips, documents bladder accidents and do NOT need to measure urine output. 

  2. Bowel log- Number of BM /day and consistency of stool ( soft / firm / hard/ pellets ) total amount of fiber intake per day ( you can use any free food log app to count total fiber intake for the day)

  3. Pictures- Have your family take pictures of your posture from a side view example- standing/working/nursing/ holding the baby etc

Bladder Diary Information: 

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Action Reaction Physical Therapy

A physical therapy owned clinic located in the Lake City neighborhood in Seattle. All appointments are scheduled with a physical therapist for an one hour 1-on-1 session

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