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Bike Fitting

In addition to the physical therapy services we provide, we provide a unique bike fitting program. Our program focuses on proper position on the bicycle, creating efficient pedal stroke, and ensuring comfort for miles and miles of bicycle riding. A typical bike fit will last approximately 1 hour and consists of 3 phases.

The first is assessing the client’s biomechanical abilities and limitations. We will muscle test for both strength and flexibility and assess biomechanics as they relate to riding a bicycle. This is also the time we will discuss what the client’s goals are, as they are related to cycling. We can fit for people who would like to casually ride a few miles on the weekend without pain, to commuters who ride everyday and competitors who wish to compete and improve their performance.

Secondly, we will address the actual positioning on the bicycle. This entails analysis and correction of seat height, stem length, and cleat adjustments (for those with bike shoes). We do this using physical therapy principles and setting the correct knee, hip and arm angles to avoid pain or syndromes and improve efficiency and performance.


The third and final phase of the session will be to dynamically assess pedaling stroke and efficiency on the bicycle. We may a video analysis program that will highlight areas that we can further focus on and correct in order to improve your cycling abilities. We are confident that we can make a short ride easy and comfortable and a long ride enjoyable and satisfying. Our bike fitting program is tailored to the client for your individual goals and needs. Contact us and schedule a bike fitting appointment.

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