Action Reaction Physical Therapy

A physical therapy owned clinic located in the Lake City neighborhood in Seattle. All appointments are scheduled with a physical therapist for an one hour 1-on-1 session

Phone: (206)523-6826

Fax: (206)523-6831

Located inside Lake City Professional Center

2611 NE 125th St, Suite 90

Seattle, WA 98125

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Theraputic programs

Action Reaction Physical Therapy offers an array of Physical Therapy services in orthopedic, sports, women health, balance issues including musculoskeletal evaluations, one on one 1 hour individual tailored exercise prescriptions and manual therapy techniques.

Among these programs are:

  • Orthotics-  The alignment of our feet determines the ground reaction forces that our body endures. Helping your foot find its most neutral alignment with a custom fitting orthotic made by a trained professional can significantly improve your pain , mobility and performance.  

  • MVA-  Impact injuries such as Motor vehicle accidents can cause significant pain and alignment issues. Early intervention with a movement expert such as Physical Therapist can not only assist in speeding up your recovery but also prevent chronic symptoms.

  • Bike fitting - Bike fitting that is tailored to address individual abilities and limitations can enhance your pedal stroke and ensure comfort for miles and miles! 

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation - Movement experts at Action Reaction Physical Therapy are skilled to provide comprehensive care to a wide variety of musculoskeletal ailments to help you get back to the life you love.

  • Post surgical care- Recovering from any surgery takes healing , rest and proper care. Working with a skilled physical therapist can expedite your post surgical recovery, ensure safe return to activities and help improve your quality of life outcomes.

  • Women's Health - From new moms to menopause , we offer expert care in restoring optimal pelvic health.

  • Vestibular - Vestibular rehabilitation is a special expertise in Physical therapy that focus on helping people with balance problems, dizziness and other movement dysfunctions related to inner ears ,eyes or your sensory system.

  • Concussion care- From accidents to sports injuries we offer expert care in progressing safely return to sport and work/school  with the only one physical therapist trained in Seattle in ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). This worldwide used neurocognitive testing is the “cornerstone” of modern concussion management. In conjunction with physical examination it gives healthcare providers objective data to evaluate a patient’s post-injury condition and aids in tracking recovery for safe return to activity.


  • Sports rehab - From a weekend warrior to an elite athlete sports injuries are the bread and butter of our practice. 


  • Telehealth - If you want expert advice from the comfort of your home , we are here for you! We offer virtual PT consultations for WA state residents.