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  • Do you need a prescription to see a physical therapist?
    In Washington state, you are not required to see a physician before starting starting UNLESS your specific insurance plan requires it. If you have questions about whether or not your insurance requires a referral/prescription please contact us via or through the contact page.
  • How often should I plan to schedule?
    During your first appointment your therapist will let you know how often they think you should start coming. If you are coming in for women's health to see Darshana please plan to schedule 6-8 weeks in advance as the schedule gets booked quickly.
  • Do you include massage as part of the appointment?
    We do not offer massage as part of the visit. If we feel necessary we can include manual therapy. Manual Therapy is a hands on treatment that puts pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints in order to release tension, release spasm, and increase range of motion. We can recommend massage therapists we work closely with if you would like to see a massage therapist or if we think it would benefit you.
  • How long is each session
    We offer 1 hour sessions. Each session will be 1-on-1 with a licensed physical therapist for the entire length of the session.
  • What Should I wear to the appointment?
    Please wear athletic clothing that is easy to move around and have access to the area of injury. For example, if you injury is to your shoulder or back please wear a loose t-shirt that can easily be moved to gain easy access to the shoulder and back area. If you have a knee/hip injury please wear shorts so that the therapist can get a good look of the area in order to evaluate more easily. If you are coming in for pelvic/women's health physical therapy please be aware that you will be changing into a gown during your session.
  • Is my physical therapy session covered since I have a referral/prescription?
    Physical therapy is not fully covered if you have a referral. A referral gives you the ability to see a physical therapist instead of not being covered at all (depending on your insurance). However, how much you will need to pay will depend on your specific insurance. It usually ranges from $15-350 depending on your insurance coverage.
  • What if I want to be seen but either I don't have insurance or you don't take my insurance?
    If we do not take your insurance you may have out of network benefits. You will need to check with your insurance if this is the case. The cost of each visit is usually double the price as seeing an in-network provider. If you have no out of network benefits or do not have any insurance we offer a self-pay rate of $200 for the initial appointment. After the initial evaluation, each scheduled visit is $150 in the same case. Please contact the front desk for more information about this.
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