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Telehealth Information

  • How do I login for my Telehealth Meeting?

You will be getting an email about 24 hours in advance with the link to login through Google Calendars. You will be required to fill out a consent form the link first before you can join the meeting. 

  • What type of Browser Should I use for the meeting?

It does not matter the device that you decide to use. You will be required to download Ring Central Meetings in in order to enter the meeting.

  • Can other windows be open during the session?

Due to broadband size/requirements and for fastest connection please close all other windows that you have open (except for any windows that you need to keep open to show the therapist). If you have other things open like Netflix or streaming videos/Youtube this will slow down the connection and it will reduce the quality of the connection. 

  • I am a New Patient Do I need to sign anything before I can login?

For all new patients we have intake forms available on our website. Please fill out either the general new patient intake or the Pelvic Floor Intake. (

Please fill out the telehealth consent form at the bottom of this page. 

  • I have a payment due at the time of service how do I pay? 

Before or immediately right after your session if you have a payment due at the time of service please pay online

***Right now most insurances are covering all telehealth visits at 100% due to the COVID pandemic.***


Patient Tips

If you want to have the best success for the telehealth appointment here are some basic tips.

We have a few recommendations in order for your appointment to be as successful as possible. Please go to a location that has good internet service to reduce lag or connectivity issues. We also recommend that you go to a private place. Please keep in mind that this is considered a medical appointment and want to be able to freely speak to you about your symptoms and concerns. Since the first appointment is an evaluation please wear loose clothing (workout gear, sweats, shorts, tshirt, etc) that you can easily move around in so that the therapist can fully evaluate your symptoms and create the best possible plan of care.

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