New Patient resources

You can save time by filling out our intake forms prior to your first visit.


Printable Intake Forms:








Online Intake Forms









Please fill out the questionnaire that corresponds to the part of the body that you have complaints about (if there are more than one area please fill out all questionnaires that correspond


If you would like us to talk to others (friends, family, coaches, personal trainers, doctors, massage therapists, or other health care professionals) about your treatment please fill out the HIPPA disclosure form


Media Release:

If you would like to be included in our social media marketing and other uses please feel free to sign the media release form. Or if the therapist would like to use your treatment to help others on their social media platforms and has requested that you sign the form below. By signing or deciding not to sign will not impact your treatment with us. 

Media Release

Bladder Diary

If your therapist (Darshana Naik) recommended that you are to start using the bladder diary. Please click the link below and instructions as well as the bladder diary will be in the PDF below. If you have any questions about how to use the bladder diary please contact Darshana.