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Action Reaction Physical Therapy

Custom made orthotics

Custom Made Orthotics


We are meant to walk. In fact, scientists and research state that we are meant to walk greater and faster than any other animal on earth, at least back in the day when we would hunt and chase animals for our meals. We are made bipedal (two legged) versus quadruped (four legged) in order to improve our efficiency with walking and running.

Traditionally our feet were made to roam earth’s soft surfaces, like soil and sand, as these accommodating surfaces were made to give way to the natural foot strike angle of our feet. Many of our feet were not made to stand or pound on the hard pavements and floors of our modern age day in and day out. Walking and standing on these “unnatural” hard surfaces causes an excessive “rolling in” of our ankles and flattening of our arches, also known as “over-pronation”.

Because many people do not often have a professional such as a physical therapist pointing out gait abnormalities and demonstrating how to rectify the situation before it is too late, this over-pronation of the foot can contribute to a chain reaction of issues. I emphasize “chain reaction” because our whole body works together like a chain and in a sort of chain of events. One bad link that starts from the feet moves up the chain of the body to have consequences resulting in misalignment and muscle imbalances. These imbalances can disrupt normal knee and hip function, as well as place unnecessary forces onto the lower back.




To help align the feet and body’s posture to their correct positions, we sometimes need to restore the leg’s natural angle, and custom orthotics can be of great benefit to assist in achieving that natural angle with each step. At Action Reaction Physical Therapy, we tailor each treatment to meet each patient’s needs. Just as we perform bike fittings in our clinic by fitting the bike to the each patient’s body type, we perform custom orthotics fittings to restore the leg’s natural foot strike angle by molding the orthotic to fit the patient’s specific foot type and shoe. This is why Action Reaction Physical Therapists have teamed up with VASILY® Orthotics, as we believe their products are a complement to our patient care approach.

Here are the advantages of Action Reaction Physical Therapy custom foot orthotics through VASYLI International® versus traditional orthotics:

  • Big Savings: Only $75 versus the typical $450+

  • Speedy Service: You get measured, fitted, molded, and walk out with a new pair of orthotics all in one visit versus the usual 2 week wait to receive your orthotics

  • Best Fit: We heat mold the orthotic to not only your foot but your shoe as well, so it literally fits like a glove

  • Proven Product: Vasily has been in the foot orthotics industry with research and design for 30+ years

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